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For Soul Bearer status, players have to complete Bear your Soul miniquest which is fairly simple. With this item in your inventory you can send your ensouled heads from inventory to the bank at a cost of one charge. For refilling charges, you'll need to sacrifice one soul and one blood rune per charge to RS gold the bearer.




Prayer is a costly training process and, due to this it is crucial to know the price of a head or bone before purchasing large amounts of them. The process of buying bones on your own is generally not efficient and should be avoided. It is usually better to earn money through an efficient method and buy bones through other gamers. There are various types of bones utilized for Prayer training such as Dagannoth Bones, Superior Dragon Bones, Ourg Bones and others.


In both souls and bones - the better item that you select, the more expensive and the greater experience it provides. Some of the items will have higher experience per gold spent ratio than others and others will grant huge chunks of experience at the speed of light, however they will cost a great deal. It is essential to consider how much you're able to pay and what level of prayer you'd like.


There are a variety of calculators on the internet to find out which bones will be most effective for runescape 2007 gold you. Calculate the quantity of bones required. If you're not able to or don't have the time to look it up - usually Dragon bone and Wyvern bones provide most efficient Gold to Expensive ratios, therefore they are a good deal. If you are looking for the ensouled head Kalphite heads are at present a beneficial as it would require approximately 50mil in order to take you from level 1 to 99.


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