Elden Ring Player Shares Helpful Method for Defeating Abductor Virgins

Abductor Virgins in Elden Ring could be annoying to cope with, but one player shares a technique that might help in easily defeating these enemies

Abductor Virgins in Elden Ring Items could be annoying to cope with, but one player shares a technique that might help in easily defeating these enemies.

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An Elden Ring player has shared a helpful trick for defeating the Abductor Virgins hanging around. Elden Ring has numerous difficult bosses and mini-bosses, and gamers will probably die many times to these enemies during the period of their playthroughs.

In addition, players should also be wary of the standard enemies in Elden Ring, as they possibly can easily die to those opponents if they're not paying attention. There are many annoying enemies hanging around, but Abductor Virgins could be particularly difficult to cope with, being an Elden Ring player got completely destroyed by this enemy in Raya Lucaria Academy. One Elden Ring fan could have a solution to the issue because they have shared a helpful method that will help users easily defeat Abductor Virgins.

A Reddit user named CuteBabyPenguin has shared a brief clip showcasing their method, confirming the Ghiza's Wheel weapon in Elden Ring might help in defeating Abductor Virgins. As observed in the video, the ball player uses the Spinning Wheel skill from the weapon to rapidly deplete the enemy’s health, killing it in seconds with relative ease. CuteBabyPenguin mentions never testing out this tactic in countless hours of gameplay, before commenting how this method also matches with Elden Ring’s lore.

Many users within the comments section mention this video is satisfying to look at because it looks like Abductor Virgin enemies have given Elden Ring players lots of trouble. One gamer really wants to use this process to exact revenge on these enemies, while another fan makes note of how their interiors tend to be more vulnerable to damage. A lot of fans also comment how CuteBabyPenguin uses exactly the same weapon because the ones wielded through the Abductor Virgin.

Fans interested in testing out this method should observe that Ghiza's Wheel is really a colossal weapon in Elden Ring. It’s dropped by Inquisitor Ghiza in Volcano Manor, and players need 28 Strength and 18 Dexterity to wield it effectively. It’s one of the best colossal weapons in Elden Ring, but there are more good options like Starscourge Greatsword and Maliketh's Black Blade.

In addition to Abductor Virgins, players will encounter various kinds of enemies in Elden Ring that could be even more annoying to cope with. This list includes Lesser Runebears, Giant Lobsters, Flame Chariots, Gargoyles, and much more, and also the Ghiza's Wheel weapon might not be as effective against these.

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