Elden Ring's DLC Should Break Away From Dark Souls' Expansions in Two Big Ways

With Elden Ring's Shadow from the Erdtree imminent, some fans hope the DLC provides them more bang for their buck than previous Dark Souls expansions

With Elden Ring Items Shadow from the Erdtree imminent, some fans hope the DLC provides them more bang for their buck than previous Dark Souls expansions.

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FromSoftware's RPG epic Elden Ring continues to be deemed one of the best games from the generation, wowing fans using its scope, complexity, and originality. Sitting comfortably inside the developer's well-known formula, Elden Ring still was able to push boundaries and deliver some aspects that players definitely weren't expecting, also it went on to garner universal acclaim after its release at the beginning of last year. Since then, players happen to be wondering where Elden Ring would go next, and also the official announcement in February this season that a significant DLC is in development was the cherry on top for many dedicated fans.

While the highly anticipated Shadow from the Erdtree expansion does not have a release date or many confirmed details at this time, this hasn't stopped players from speculating. Looking at previous release rates for the older FromSoftware series, most DLCs launch within months. However, given Elden Ring's size, it appears as though Shadow from the Erdtree is much more likely to release in late 2023 as well as early 2024, which may also stay away from Armored Core 6's own launch date later come July 1st. Also taking a look at previous FromSoftware DLCs, some gamers hope that Elden Ring's expansion doesn't follow in the footsteps of a number of Dark Souls' offerings in some key ways.

Comparing Dark Souls DLCs

FromSoftware's remarkable Soulsborne games have basically spawned their very own genre, just as one iconic (and iconically challenging) part of gaming culture. Although players have spent countless hours exploring the hidden depths of the likes of Lothric, Boletaria, and Yharnam, some of the best content originates from the different series' post-launch packs. The Dark Souls series particularly has gifted gamers with a few great expansions, in the incredible boss fights in Artorias from the Abyss towards the memorable lore and locations in The Ringed City.

For games that already offered a substantive experience, the different expansions were a welcome addition to the Dark Souls titles. Adding new areas to understand more about, unique bosses to overcome, and intriguing morsels of recent lore to discover, most DLCs presented players with a lot of opportunities to dive further into the Dark Souls universe. However, even though the vast majority of Dark Souls DLCs were well-received and could add to the already intricate world-building of the associated base games, some fans are searching for a little more from Shadow from the Erdtree.

How Shadow Of The Erdtree Could Improve On These

While Dark Souls DLCs succeeded in opening the world from the games, some players are hoping Elden Ring is much more ambitious using its own expansion. On average, beating Dark Souls DLCs has a tendency to require anything from four hours close to seven hours to accomplish. This isn't insubstantial and could possibly be like what most gamers expect from an expansion, but when compared with Elden Ring, a completion duration of even seven hours for Shadow from the Erdtree would feel pretty measly. Many fans hope Shadow from the Erdtree is not only a short campaign like previous Dark Souls offerings which the DLC actually capitalizes on the different endings players can choose within the base game.

Similarly, although gamers can select a newer and more effective gear, explore new areas, or battle new bosses in Dark Souls DLCs, Shadow from the Erdtree has got the opportunity to give a stack of recent weapons and items linked towards the new quests that gamers can undertake. Given the variety of these on offer within the base game, having merely a modest selection in Elden Ring's expansion would certainly feel like a wasted chance. Elden Ring represented a significant step forward for that Soulsborne games, presenting an infinitely more ambitious vision of the items the developer had distributed to gamers before. Shadow from the Erdtree may well be more ambitious, upping the ante from great but bite-sized DLCs for Dark Souls games and crafting a considerable expansion.

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