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Buy Roll Up Door Introduction Fast stacking door is a new type of fast door that can run at high speed and has partition function, with beautiful appearance. The product has high reliability, practicability, easy operation and low maintenance cost. The motor and control system of this product adopts servo technology, which makes the operation more stable, the failure rate is lower, and the service life is longer. Fast stacking door is widely used in various manufacturing enterprises, commercial real estate, etc. As a logistics channel door, it can meet customers' requirements for fast opening, wind resistance, partition, insect prevention, dust prevention, safety, environmental protection, energy saving, etc. Clean, easy to replace, easy to maintain, and run smoothly. Product parameters Door curtainVarious cladding material for options: 1.Plastic polyester fiber with PVC/PU/Silicone rubber/PolyYaan ester coating 2.Resistance to low temperature curtain for -45潞C environment 3.Soundproof door curtain for environment that need to be reduced or isolated from noise 4.Heat preservation curtain for environment that prevent thermal radiation or chemical damage 5.Safety curtain is for higher environmental safety requirement Door KeelAluminum profile installed in the middle of door curtain to strengthen support Guide RailMaterial: Aluminum Sealing design of the inner and outer surface of guide rail Thickness of Door100-160mm Thickness of Curtain0.8+0.8mm Running Speed0.2~0.3m/s Running Temperature-35潞C to +70潞C Driving SystemMotor and gearbox,220V/380V 50Hz, power:1.6-3.7kW Control SystemControl box with PLC:The running of the door can be achieved by pressing the button on the control box or using the radar or magnet ring control with optional controls Optional ControlRadar, magnet ring, remote control, stretching wire switch, controller button, Interlocking Hoisting SystemThe lifting belt around the pulley is connected with the safety clamp along the vertical track. The pulley is mounted on the brake reducer. Waterproof Permeability3 level, EN12425 (door closed state) Wind Resistance3-5grade, EN 12424 varies according to the size of the door Air Tightness2grade, EN12426 SealingBottom, side and top seal SafetySafety Photo Sensor Proximity Sensor sound-light alarm system Accident-fall arrester safety system Detail Drawing: NameQuick Accumulation Door Run speed:0.6 m/s-1 m/s Control boxVector frequency conversion, frequency conversion control system Limit switchMulti-loop absolute value encoder Power supply380 V Safety certificationEN ISO 12100:2010 Life cycles100,000 per year Wind resistance level10 class Max. size15000 X 1000mm FrameOverall frame, high stiffness, good flatness; Use quality carbon steel, the surface is treated with electrostatic spraying; High stability. Frame: TrackUse of patented products, integrated high-quality carbon steel plate bending and static. Electric spray combination track: 2mm thick steel plate integral bending, inner equipped with brush sealing track, good sealing, easy to replace cleaning maintenance Door curtain:French imported curtain, polyester coated with high strength polyethylene The mesh band is reinforced with streamlined glass fiber with a thickness of about 1mm. Equipped with aluminum alloy ribs; transparent Windows; the curtain can be changed in pieces. ProtectionTemperature sensitive electrical protection, electrical protection level 鈮?IP55 Safety ProtectionInfrared Security, Infrared Light in Door Body during Decline, When the beam is interrupted, the door body can bounce open. Control SystemSpecial industrial door control system has a visual human-machine dialogue window that can display a variety of fault code and working status in late routine maintenance for convenience. Configured bright blue and white LCD screen. Infrared safety protectionIt can keep the door open when there is an object under the fast door to keep the door open; When the door body descends and an object or person passing below, the door will not close until there is no obstacle below the delay drop. ColorRAL 5002 Blue RAL7045 gray RAL1003 Yellow RAL2004 Orange Red RAL9003 White Application Fast stacking door fits for big door opening size (more than 6m*6m) and also have the requirement of the door opening and close speed. This quick accumulation door has great wind resistance. Our Company BNB Doors specialize in the Doors Windows industry which is managed by an experienced team in production and trading. The product's scope covers industrial lifting doors, aluminum commercial doors, dock equipment, speed door, sectional garage door, hardware, and motors. All the products from our market by excellent quality, functional safety, and long service life. From Europe to Asia, from America to Australia, all the products from BNB Door enjoy a high reputation for their quality, reasonable price, and professional service.Buy Roll Up Door website:

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