Madden NFL 23 to be the same force

Madden Franchise Mode with my favorite Madden Franchise Mode stories from my college day

I'm not sure if these changes are the product of the neverending bitching about how every new Madden nfl 23 Coins is simply a roster change, the most ridiculous offseason of star-movement I've seen or the famous name of the game passing away this year. It appears that EA Sports is actually going give us Supernerds of stimulation football an opportunity to make a small change!

No, it's not. I'm sure all the excitement over the addition of features that let players chase rings or warm weather cities with beautiful women will diminish once we find out that the gameplay as well as announcing tracks are the same like the last five Maddens. But, this is the season on the football calendar where we are excited about the changes that have been announced for Madden as well as being irritated about the way players' ratings for our team is but then remember that we made up our minds about whether or no we'd purchase this year's Madden game months prior to.

The bottom line is until EA Sports wants Madden to be the same force that it was when we all kids The company will need to add features to Franchise Mode that will make it feel like you're in the game, which is obviously said in this guy's voice.

I'm talking about billionaire owners holding cities hostage for funding of new stadiums with the threat of moving the team to a new city (London is the new LA), superstars wiping their Instagram of every image that had a team logo, and hold-outs/hold-ins/whatever crazy shit football players do to get a few extra guaranteed dollars playing a sport that has 100 different human car crashes any given Sunday.

However, as long as this person is in charge of the exclusive licensing agreement for EA Sports, there is almost no possibility that any of this happens. But hey. I'll just have to pray that these changes are the beginning of a new era for Madden as I am fully preparing myself to not yet hope for the most favorable since I'm someone that EA can bank on getting my $59.99 every single year, even when they don't have the GOAT on the cover.

Then I'll conclude this blog post about Madden Franchise Mode with my favorite Madden Franchise Mode stories from my college days , as they still crack me up throughout the years, and it helps me cope with living a life that is exact opposite of college.

Madden NFL 23 Madden NFL 23 will launch on August 19. 2022. and you can check out our impressions about the closed-beta as well as information about the cover's character Buy Madden nfl 23 Coins as the famous late John Madden himself.

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