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In Pokemon Legends: Arceus, you'll find yourself transported to the vast Emerald Continent many years ago. In Hisui, you're introduced to a number of characters, including the folks who inhabit Jubilife Village and the opposing Diamond and Pearl clans who worship both versions of the almighty Sinnoh.

One Pearl Clan member with similarities to you is Ingo, who also found himself in Emerald after arriving there from the future, minus his memory. Ingo is a mysterious and familiar face, and his backstory is one of the most interesting characters in the game, as you'll see by interacting with him.

Pokemon Black And White - Ingo's Past

If you're a Gen 5 fan, you'll probably recognize Ingo from Legends: Arceus right away, thanks to his commanding outfit and posture. He has a small role in Pokemon Black and White and its sequels, as he and his twin brother Emmet are the subway bosses in the subway battle in Nimbassa city.

Ingo will challenge you to a Pokemon battle after you have won 21 times in a row in Battle Subway, and then challenge you again after a stronger team has won 48 times.

Pokemon Legend: Arceus - Ingo's Gift

How did Ingo get to Hisui?

Similar to the player character, Ingo may have inadvertently traversed a time-space rift -- a time-warp -- to find himself in the Emerald. Dialogue at the end of the game suggests that Volo is responsible for these rifts, starting in his search for Arceus. Ingo, however, arrived at Emerald a few years before the game.

While it is likely that Arceus sent the PC from his realm to the Emerald to stop Volo from wreaking havoc on the land, the game does not explain why or if Ingo was deliberately sent to the Emerald.

Maybe Arceus sent Ingo to Hisuis to show the Hisuians the bond that Pokemon and people can have when they fight together? Although Ingo arrived at Emerald without memory, it is unknown if that is the case.

Concept art from the Pokemon Legends: Arceus artbook shows the aftermath of Ingo's arrival. He is pictured lying face down on the ground and was found by a member of the Pearl family. This image suggests that Ingo's journey through time has not been smooth sailing.

In Legend: Arceus, Ingo is still wearing his subway battle costume, which is now tattered, likely due to his experience with Pokemon in Emerald.

Ingo in the main story

After arriving at Jade, Ingo was taken in by the Pearl family and eventually became the warden of Snethler, one of the area's riding Pokémon.

In the story, Ingo will assist you in your journey through the Coronet Highlands and test your abilities by challenging you to Pokemon battles. Once you defeat him, he will let you into the Sneasler, which you can use to climb the rough terrain of the area.

During your brief interaction with Ingo, he shares some information about his past, although he can't remember much. Sadly, even the memories that remain are vague, including those of his twin brother.

Later in the game, Ingo reveals more information about his past to Adaman and Melli, he tells Adaman and Melli where he comes from, that Pokemon works with people, and that Pokemon battles are more common.

This returning memory inspired Ingo to take up a stint at the Jubilife Village training ground, where you can talk to him and get him and the others involved in the battle.

What happened to Ingo?
At the end of the game, Ingo's story has no solution, just like the player character. Once the main story is resolved, neither character will return to their original time period, allowing them to accept their displacement.

Ingo does recall some memories from his past. However, it's not certain he'll ever remember exactly where he came from. Regardless, Ingo continued his love of fighting, helping out on the training ground while fulfilling his duties as Warden of Snesler.

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