OldSchool Runescape (OSRS) Troll Stronghold Quest

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It's fascinating. As time goes by and the life of Gielinor moves forward the power shift will be seen in the air. The power of the mighty brings about unimaginable changes. Change that delivers new rewards. Rewards that once were forgotten only to be resurfaced again... It's a dark cloud of darkness looms over the distant sky. And from its looks this isn't for the faintest of hearts. Think you're ready for the task? This is your last chance to perform. Welcom to the Theatre of OSRS Gold exclusive.

What's what is Theatre of Blood?

Many years ago, the dull Sanguinesti district of Meiyerditch was ruled by Queen Efaritay. In truth, the Efaritay family owned these lands for decades. Then, war with the ruthless Lady Verzik and her vampyre army brought troubles. Queen Efaritay has lost her throne. the new empress appeared... Condemned from pure evil, Lady Verzik wants to keep her audience entertained and will test the power of any self-proclaimed adventurer. How can she please her unsavory taste? Her private stage. Theatre of Blood. Theatre of Blood. A brand new Runescapes update that won't be overlooked. It features the most powerful warriors of Runescape. Fiercest monsters. Unique creations. and adrenaline pumping puzzles. When you've cleared the blood-stained curtains, the actual spectacle begins. Are you sure that you'll make it through the cut?

Where Is OSRS Theatre of Blood

In the heart of Morytania. Boldly built beneath Ver Sinhazas castle. There are a variety of ways to get there. You can teleport using Drakan's Medallion (after having a taste of hope) or walk through the maze like town of Meiyerditch. Or, you can give for 10k OSRS Gold to NPC Andras and run to Slepe and then run to the south.

Raids 2 Bosses

What...you did not expect Lady Verzik to challenge the team of you and other players against unredeemed cows and chickens didn't you? Battles 2: Theatre of Blood offers a variety of original bosses and mechanics to study and master. This game tests not only your team's abilities as well as your determination. Up to the last sip of sara ale. Because Raids 2 isn't scalable and is always the same following order: Here's the list of bosses that you'll encounter:

The Maiden of Sugadinti (level 940)

Pestilent Bloat (level 870)

Nylocas Vasilias (level 800)

Sotetseg (level 995)

Xarpus (level 960)

Verzik Vitur (level 1040)

Supplies and Death Mechanics

If you're familiar with OSRS Raids, consider this the top of OSRS raids. If your 3-5-man group starts to take the stage, teamwork will be the most important factor to survive. The Raids Theater of Blood is unforgiving. Because no skills are allowed Lady Verzik will provide you with only the minimum equipment throughout your show. Also, the equipment that your team includes determines how long your show lasts. Take into consideration wearing the most appropriate equipment and carry plenty of potions and food. Additionally, this latest OSRS update features a new death system. When you're killed in a room that is a challenge in a challenge room, you have to stay out as your team finishes the room. Once finished, you'll reunite to conquer the next one. However, if all of your squad drops dead it is necessary to restart the entire battle. Did you think your pleasure with the human-like vampyres ceases there? If your team is unsuccessful in the attack, your gear (excluding any +3) are put into an all-new gravestone system where you must be charged a significant amount in order to retrieve them. Therefore, visit our discount gold shop whenever you think you're in need of more. Realize, the higher number of deaths means less chance of a reward that is unique to OSRS. OSRS raid rewards you say? Yes. These precious treasures hold long-lost secrets.

Variety of Rewards

The most thrilling old school games have the most exciting rewards. And these powerhouse bounties are not an exception. You can check it out, here's the prizes that have been voted in by the voters:

A Vial of Blood

The Vial Of Blood OSRS Raids 2

Beware: Not recommended for those with weak stomachs! This is the base ingredient for bastion and battlemage potions. Also, one OSRS per vial is required for charging to charge the Scythe of Viture.

Bastion Potion:

Bastion Potion OSRS Raids 2

An effective combination of ranging and super-defense potion. You need 80 herblore for the preparation and gives you the xp of 155. In order to make it, you'll need 1 vile of blood, 1 cadantine and 1 wine of the zamorak.

Battlemage Potion:

Battlemage Potion OSRS Raids 2

A tasty blend of magic and super-defense potion. This potion requires 80 herblore and gives you 155 points and is made using 1 vile blood, 1 cadantine, 1 potato cactus. Yum!

Avernic Hilt:

Avernic Hilt - Raids 2

In the 2nd age, the Avernic weapon is a remnant of pinpoint accuracy. Requiring 70+ attack and defense this weapon, it's an upgrade for your dragon defender. Use it on your dragon defender to transform it into an incredibly powerful Avernic defensive.

Note: If you decide to dismantle it, you'll keep the dragon's defender, however your hilt is going to fade away.

Sanguinesti Staff:

Sanguinesti Staff - Raids 2

In the hands of Lord Draken himself In the hands of Lord Draken, the Sanguinesti staff requires 75 magic to wield and hits +1 higher than The trident that is the source of swamp. What is it that makes this staff unique? It makes use of 3 blood runs per cast. Additionally, it comes with one-in-six chance of healing you at 50% of the damage.

Ghrazi Rapier:

Ghrazi Rapier - Raids 2

Razor razor sharp. The most deadly weapon. It was used by a legendary vampyre warlord the Ghrazi rapier isn't for those who are weak. The rapier requires 75 attack to use this weapon, it mirrors the tentacle whip stats but flips the slash and stab. It can be pierced through armor like the shell of a dark crab.

Justicular Armor:

Justicular Armor - Raids 2

The flashy and the tanky. What's not to like? The justicular were Saradomin's right-hand warriors. Like rogue assassins, they could blind opponents with speed and force, similar to their armor of defense that is 75+ set. The entire set absorbs damages by 3000x (x = your equipment's defense bonus) which is based on the type of attack that is used against you.

Note that the effect isn't able to apply in PVP situations.

A Scythe for Vitur:

Scythe of Vitur (Uncharged)"Rids 2 Scythe of Vtur" Raids 2 Scythe of Vitur - Raids 2

The weapon was passed down by a breathing vampyre god, Lady Verzik is now the proud owner of the dangerous blade. What makes this 75+ attack and strength weapon unique? It can strike 3 separate enemies simultaneously, or 3 times on larger monsters.

The first blow does 100 percent damage. The second one is 50%. The final smack is 25%. Also, this staff needs to be charged in order to reach maximum potential for hitting. What are the contents? 100 vials, and 300 blood runes.

Sinhaza Shroud:

Sinhaza Shroud OSRS Raids 2

Are you looking to display how proud you are of your Theatre of Blood completion count? You'll get this cosmetic cape after successfully completing your raid. Also, after every 100. 500. 1000. 1500. and 2000 successful run You can also upgrade the appearance of your vehicle to demonstrate your skill.

Has Anyone Beaten Raids 2?

Simply say that, yes. To date, hundreds of runs were completed. You can unlock any reward. The cost? Many missed clicks. Boss mechanic testing. Countless deaths. There is even boiling anger.

Watch this video to view some of the triumphs! Since OSRS Raids 2 is new top-of-the-line content, it is possible to expect to see a limited number of successful runs. Which is why you'll pay high prices for the entire OSRS Raid 2 reward. Are you keen to get an incredibly powerful brand new Raids 2 rapier? You can cut through the hordes of monsters using the blood-drinking Raids 2 scythe? or become a justiciar juggernaut and maximize your defense? Here's the price you should be prepared to shell out for these deadly items:

Hilt: Avernic Hilt:

Avernic Hilt OSRS Raids 2

GE Price - The 138M

Actual Trade Price - $ 320M

rsorder Discounted Gold Price - $304

Sanguinesti Staff:

Sanguinesti Staff OSRS Raids 2

GE Price - 171M

Actual Trade Price - 360M

Rsorder Discounted Gold Price - $342

Ghrazi Rapier:

Ghrazi Rapier OSRS Raids 2

GE Price - 350M

Actual Cost of Trade - 557M

Rsorder Discounted Gold Price $541

The Scythe from Vitur:

Scythe of Vitur OSRS Raids 2

GE Price - 175M

Actual Cost of Trade 3.3B

Rsorder Discounted Gold Price $3.135

Justiciar Armor (Full Set):

Justiciar Armor OSRS Raids 2

GE Price - 543M

The actual price of trade - $750M

rsorder Discounted Gold Price - $712

Aspects of the Area of Interest

The launch of OSRS the theatre of blood rewards provides a new meta. The new wind of change. No matter if you're a Pker or PvMer you'll discover fresh methods to get an edge over your enemies. Once you've tried these tools, you'll discover that certain monsters and bosses are a bit easier than they were the ones you had before. Here's how you can gain the advantage with the new items you've acquired:

Hilt: Avernic Hilt:

Pking: (Duel Arena staking, bounty hunter, deep wilderness)

PVM: Slayer duties where you'd rather have your dragon's defender

Sanguinesti Staff:

Bosses Dagannoth Kings, Cave Kraken, Zulrah, Bandos, Kree,arra, Chambers of Xeric

Slayer: Metal dragons, dust devils, gargoyles, hellhounds mages as well as terror dogs

Ghrazi Rapier:

Pking: Duel Arena stakes, bounty hunter, deep wilderness, monk's robes Pking

Bosses: Dagannoth Kings, King Black Dragon, Barrows, Vorkath, Bandos, K'ril Tsutsaroth, Abyssal Sire, Kalphite Queen

Slayer Dragons, metal dragons black demons and crocodiles, hill giants, hellhounds molanisks and ogres the smoke devil nechryaels, abyssal demons gargoyles and the elves

Scythe of Vitur:

Pking: Duel Arena stakes, bounty hunter, deep wilderness

Bosses KBD, Dagannoth Kings, Cerberus, General Graardor Giant Mole, Great Olm, Kalphite Queen, Thermonuclear smoke devil, Jad, Vetion

Slayer: Black demons, greater demons, hellhounds, TzHaar, dark beasts, spiritual mages, aberrant spectres, ankous, bloodvelds, elves, goracks, jellies, werewolves

Justiciar Armor:

Bosses: Jad, Inferno, God Wars Dungeon, Dagannoth Kings, Grotesque Guardians, Chambers of Xeric, Abyssal Sire

Slayer: Dragons, metal dragons, abyssal demons, nechryaels, gargoyles, dark beasts, lizardmen shamans


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