Yeah choccy i know that but thanks for

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You also have to understand you need time in order to become good at this as OSRS gold each dungeon will be unique, so there are different strategies to go about it. With the latest update, I believe it could be easier than before. Since if you are able to find unhooded teams of 125+ with 90+ Dungeoneering that is doing occult floors then that helps. In the past, you'd have to stick with the person who was working on say floor 38. Just because that was the only floor you could leave.

I'm sure my Dungeoneering skill is lower than yours/you could probably key faster than I may however I believe this is a good idea and makes sense. Theres also many little things that you need to be aware of, such as locking doors or taking the ggs off or leaving them out. It takes time and I believe you'll find that if you keep working at it you'll figure it out.

Yeah choccy i know that but thanks for the help nonetheless, and the reason why i'm a keyer is the purpose of finding teams that are easily found on 148. With no fighting prejudice. I'd end my keying when i hit 3bo (unless there is absolutely no one who keys and everyone agrees that I could be able to)

I'm always in wrong groups... Sometimes a person takes forever for teleporting to a door. Sometimes a person does not mention what he's gated, or it takes a long time to teleport. Most of the times the people aren't paying attention to the making of pots, or when i order to gate or others, and sometimes the gd is too. The issue of skill is still present in the 148. I don't trust teams from 148. Therefore, I mostly do dungeons on my own, (moving ggs everytime, running keys etc ...)

I can see a major collapse of the dbones. I'm predicting that they might go down to 2K. In the end they could even go higher than 2K. Prayer is among the skills that are highly dependent on the latest updates, when it comes to the price of prayer. For instance, Piety is out, and prices shoot up with 1000 gold being added over the course of a day.

Why? There's a lack of bones in circulation. Everyone needs them, and the supply is depleted and prices rise to accommodate. If there's no update released that make high-prayer a necessity, it will decrease steadily. If you see more prayers that require more prayer (70-99) and it will increase again.

Then again, if there are no new update then it'll continue to decrease. Maybe not a lot each week, but it'll drop a little bit every month as time passes. It's simply a volatile skill and is a little like herb-based lore. Well, with bots of frost dragons having as cheap RS gold a ball, with blue and green dragons filled with bots I can envision the price dropping rapidly.

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