This is exactly like Blood Runes and the only difference

This is exactly like Blood Runes and the only difference

This is exactly like Blood Runes and the only difference is that you can bless your runes at the Soul Altar to OSRS Gold the east instead of blood to the west and you must have a Runecrafting levels of 90. The runes aren't as successful as Blood Runes but they give more experience making them best xp farm in bracket of the level 91-99.

From level 27 players can begin making Cosmic Runes. It is a wonderful money making method for players who want to focus on earning gold while gaining some RuneCrafting experience while doing so. Although it could yield decent gold starting out, it will begin to sparkle after a level of 59, when you'll get double Cosmic Runes in crafting.

Like we said before, experience rates are quite low with 10-20k per hour but gold that you get from those runes is definitely worth it. It is possible to make 2500 runes an hour with 59 RuneCrafting which will yield approximately the 450k gold.

Cosmic Altar is located in Zanaris not unlocked by Lost City quest completion . There is Agility shortcut at the levels 44 and 65 that can make your trips much less difficult, but if have levels in that you can utilize Fairy Rings to get around the place in reasonable time.

It's a very similar method to crafting Cosmic Runes. If you have completed the Lunar Diplomacy quest you can begin to craft Astral Runes at Altar south-east of the village on Lunar Isle. Begin by bringing Runecrafting pouches, Earth staff, Law runes and essences. When you're running to Altar Be on the lookout for 111 Combat-level Suqahs which can hit you quite hard if you do not ask for melee. Once you've finished crafting Runes, take advantage of Moonclan Teleport and head back to Buy RS Gold the bank and store what you have made. This method can give you around 800k gold and 30k exp an hour after stage 82. At this point, you can make two Astral Runes.

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